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Did you know that up to 51% of university graduates pursue a career unrelated to their major? And 80% of young professionals admit they desire a career change?

The truth is, competition in the workforce is greater than ever and companies want the best and brightest.

By completing a UCipher™ Career comprehensive self-assessment evaluation, early career professionals can benefit from a personalized assessment report and improve the course of their career.

UCipher™ Career promotes long-term success and satisfaction by helping interns to make career choices that mesh with their style, strengths, and desires. Interns learn to become more effective leaders by understanding their skills and leadership style, and identifying the types of roles, organizations, and industries in which they will thrive.

Interns and early career professionals also learn how to implement their personal individual development plan in a way that helps them relate better socially to friends, relatives, and co-workers.

UCipher™ Career was developed by trusted international leadership experts serving the corporate world. It is an amazingly accurate tool that has proven to be invaluable for individuals looking to better understand their personal motivations, academic pursuits, and career interests. The cost of the assessment is only $139.

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