UCipher™ was developed using world-class assessment data tailored toward to high school and college students, as well as organizations looking for opportunities to offer more meaningful internship and leadership development programs. We maintain only the highest standards of integrity, and are committed to providing valuable personal and professional development information. By standing firm by our core set of values, we make a promise to maintain:


    We will exhibit integrity beyond reproach; we will say what we mean and do what we say; we will act ethically and morally at all times; we will not compromise our values in order to achieve results; we will strive at all times to live-out our values.


    We will set a values-based example; we will equip, develop and empower others; we will take individual responsibility for our results; we will do what we say we are going to do; we will deliver.


    We will strive to create value, not wealth; we will strive to exceed expectations; we will pursue excellence in all that we do; we will serve our colleagues, finding ways to help them in meaningful ways; we will give back to our communities.


    We will keep our beliefs and families as top priorities; we will value people over process and profit; we will treat others with dignity and respect; we will seek to build positive, caring relationships; we will foster transparent and authentic communication.


    We will encourage individual development; we will pursue and value continuous learning; we will commit to individual growth; we will invest time and financial resources toward professional development.

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