Own Your Future.

UCipher™ is an adaptation of a highly effective leadership assessment, which is proven in helping individuals to better understand their competencies, challenges, and keys for success.

The UCipher™ test typically takes an individual less than one hour to complete and can be stopped and resumed at any time. Upon completion, you will receive a detailed personalized 12-page report via email. This will include:

– Key personality traits
– Your motivation, ability & personality profile
– Choices that mesh with your style, strengths and desires
– Potential impediments to your success
– Core words and themes to use in describing yourself
– Industries, college majors and ideal job functions that match your profile
– Your strengths in leadership or group roles
– Types of organizations and cultures most suited to your profile
– Focus areas for enhancing your education and talents
– Individual Development Plan Guide

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Scholar – High School and College Preparatory

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Graduate – University and High Education

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Career – Internship and Early Professional Development

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