“Having taken UCipher™ Graduate as a college freshman, not only did I gain a greater understanding of my purpose and self being, but my parents gained the same understanding of who I am and what my academic interests were.  Having graduated, I know and believe that the results from my UCipher™ Graduate assessment helped chart my college career path.”

College Student

“UCipher™ Scholar gave me a greater understanding of who I am and guided me in making a decision towards my college major.”

Senior at a Private High School near Philadelphia, PA

“We spend so much money on SAT, ACT, and other testing methods to provide information to schools about our children so the schools can learn about their academic strengths and weaknesses. But I find it incredible that it’s not more common to have students take self-assessment tests like UCipher™ that truly teach them about who THEY are. We must pay more attention to guiding our students and young professionals in a direction that will help them realize their full potential and maximize the outcomes of their education. ”

Parent of College Student

UCipher helped me realize my true strengths, both professional and personal. The self-assessment gave me the opportunity to self-reflect and the results helped me realize fulfilling careers for my specific personality and skill set. It’s easy for students and young people like myself to feel overwhelmed at the prospects of our uncertain futures. UCipher gave me clarity.

Junior at University of Notre Dame Kiera S.