UCipher™ is the most effective assessment tool available to assist you and minimize the guesswork. Our partner company, TAI Incorporated, has been a global leader in Executive Coaching for the past 15 years. As part of TAI’s portfolio of services, PRO Development™ is a unique and powerful assessment tool that is vital to Executive Coaching, Leadership Development and Team Alignment and is used to start each program for TAI’s clientele. This assessment is proven in real world solutions for real world company business issues vetted from the Fortune 50 to Fortune 1000. Not concept. Not theory, but proven solutions. Time and again, we heard from the executives we work with who wished that an assessment “tool” like this was available for their children who are trying to pick the right college major and career path. They often commented how it would have been an invaluable benefit to them if it were available when they were in school. This got us thinking, and as we reflected on our own life’s path, and we couldn’t agree more with what our clients were saying. We took everything we have learned in the last 15 years and adapted the core engine of PRO Development™ into UCipher™ to address and identify factors specific to the challenges students and young professionals have today in selecting their college academic interest or career path. You’ll be amazed.

Janine FeeneyOur Story