When you think about it, “Who am I?” is the most powerful question you can ask yourself.

How do you select a career path, choose a major, or learn how to maximize your time and finances?  How can you discover what is important and drives you?

What makes you… you?

UCipher™ Graduate is a certified, unique proven online assessment tool to help you better understand you – that provides the self-knowledge and tools needed to succeed in school and in life. Unlike other assessments that focus on only one dimension, UCipher™ Graduate examines motivations, abilities, and personality to provide the most comprehensive and accurate profile available in the marketplace today.

Becoming the best depends largely on self-awareness.  It is vitally important to understand and embrace who you are at the core and what skills you bring, in order to have positive impact on others and the world around you. To maximize your personal impact, it is important to understand how you can apply your abilities, strengths and personality to the issues, topics and endeavors that interest you.

Let’s talk about a few facts:

  • A 4 year university can cost between $60,000.00 and $268,000.00 in tuition and related expenses.
  • Switching majors and/or transferring schools can add up to $75,000.00 in extra tuition plus lost time
  • Colleges report that up to 80% of their freshman are undecided
  • Up to 51% of university graduates peruse a career unrelated to their major.
  • 80% of young professionals say they desire a career change

Competition in the workforce is greater than ever and companies want the best and brightest.

Your personalized report promotes long-term success and satisfaction by helping you to:

  • Make college or career choices that mesh with your style, strengths, and desires.
  • Be a more effective leader by understanding your skills and leadership style.
  • Identify the roles and organizations in which you will thrive.
  • Implement an individual development plan.
  • Understand how you can better relate to, friends, relatives, and co-workers.

UCipher™ Graduate was developed by trusted international leadership experts serving the corporate world. It is an amazingly accurate tool that has proven to be invaluable for individuals like you to better understand your self awareness, personal motivations, influencing academic path, and career interests.

                                                             UCipher™ Graduate 

                                                            “THIS IS WHO I AM”